Knife Gate Valve | DT (Ser. 80) Double Gate | ORBINOX

The DT model knife gate valve is a bi-directional valve widely used in the Pulp and Paper industry (paper recycling) and especially designed to handle high concentrated or contaminated media. In the open position, both gates are retracted into the body, assuring full flow. When the gates close, they push stock and contaminants as staples, wires, etc., out of the body and back into the flow. As a result of this double gate design, the stroke time of these valves is half of that of the conventional valves. All components subject to wear can be easily replaced.

Knife Gate Valve | CR (SER.70) Round and Square Port | ORBINOX

The CR model knife gate is a wafer valve designed for the use in difficult applications. This valve is generally suitable for recycling applications, such as junk or sand traps of pulpers, high density cleaners (HDC) or as silo outlet with solid material. The two piece body with round inlet and square outlet (larger than the inlet) ensures non-jamming.